Founder's Message

Late Dr. Thomas Cangan

Look at this youth who
is carving himself out of the hard work.

This is how a professional is born.

You have to carve-out
yourself into a perfect and
successful professional by
using the tools and techniques we teach you to hold and imbibe while you are in this campus.

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Campus News

  1. Annual Day Function SANKALP 2015
  2. Farewell 2015(Link For Photo)

Examination News

  1. Rajasthan University Practical Exam 2016 are schedule from 15th January to 25th February 2016
  2. Rajasthan University main examination 2016 are schedule from 4th March to 18th May 2016

Rajasthan University Examination 2011 are scheduled from 3rd March, 2011 to 12th May, 2011.